We can use this page for discussion of dates and brainstorming of ideas just loosely like this:

Video chat 20/12/2011: 2pm
  • Chatted about appropriate use of facebook and social media. Scenario of social worker 'friending' a 17yo client. Also discussed cyber profile in that clients will 'google' or 'facebook' us. Need to explore facebook issues as a separate entity.
  • Discussed adequate security and encryption. Storage of electronic, including video files and whether that is necessary. Possibly for court purposes if video chat with someone remote.
  • Fran coming on board and taking over from Sue.
  • Timeline of march having a working document.

Video Chat 12/1/2012: 11.45am
  • Marcel asked how the wiki was being utilised and Fran and Donna said that they still need time to look at it more
  • Marcel asked to help define roles. Ongoing discussion still required
  • Discussed that the name of this working group be: Online Practices and profiles. Donna is to be the chair of the group given she is the head of the National Ethics group.
  • discussed how we may begin by outlining FAQ's and merge what is useful into a working document/policy.
  • We highlighted the various headings that need to be addressed:
  1. Social media
  2. Online communication covering email, sms and chat.
  3. Cyber Profile
  4. Privacy and documentation
  5. Field education
  • Discussed utilising Fred Reamers Framework for ethics. Donna to provide details.
  • Marcel suggested he may roll out some training on the SW calendar looking at these areas.